One of Canada’s oldest shipyards, Davie Canada was established in 1825 on the south shore of the St Lawrence River across from Quebec City.  They are currently under contract from the Canadian Government to repair and maintain the Halifax-class frigates for the Royal Canadian Navy.

When Davie seeks to secure major contracts from Government of Canada (GoC), the GoC has the right to require Davie to satisfy the requirements of GoC’s Industrial &Technological Benefits and Value Proposition (ITB/VP) program. This program seeks to maximize the economic and social benefit to the Canadian economy resultant from any contract award. While the official description of the program runs many pages, it boils down to the Prime Contractor (in this case Davie) committing to:

  • Maximizing the amount of useful work it can place with Canadian contractors to best advantage of all Canadians
  • Doing its best to strengthen the Canadian supply chain, by encouraging suppliers to establish new capabilities, train personnel, and maintain their competitive edge
  • Promote the interests of the Small & Medium sized Businesses (SMB) to best advantage
  • Making best use of the awarded GoC contract, to leverage any benefits gained in securing Export Business based on the advancements enabled by such contracts

ACG-Envirocan was able to satisfy their Canadian Content requirements and provide an expedited and compact solution for their stormwater collection.

The solution consists of a model Clara 40CP stormwater separator to remove suspended solids and metals.  Directly downstream of the Clara is a model Aquip 400SBE for hydrocarbon removal.

The solution was proposed by EXP Consultants and approved by the Ministry of Environment.  Installation is expected to be completed by Sept 30, 2020.