Following on its mission to enhance Canada’s water environment, ACG|Envirocan is pleased to announce its expansion into providing enhanced Water Loss Solutions to municipalities and industries.

The groundbreaking study from Ken Brothers, public works commissioner for Niagara Region, reported leaky pipes cost Ontario 25 per cent of its drinking water — enough to fill 131,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools and equal to a loss of $700 million a year in 2009.

The heightened Water Loss Solutions provided by ACG|Envirocan includes products from market leading manufacturers covering the full gamut including:
-Water Operations Leak Detection
-Water Resources Analysis
-Water Wells Development & Rehabilitation
-Underground Pipe Renewal & Rehabilitation

Heading the ACG|Envirocan team is Dr. Shahab Hashemi, Ph.D., Water Technology Sales & Product Manager. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Hashemi’s vast hands-on experience is a valuable asset to customers who are looking for practical, effective solutions to curb water loss.

For information on how ACG|Envirocan can help, please call 905-856-1414 or email