ACG-Envirocan now offers the new compact, factory-built MBS Wastewater Treatment System. This innovative package offers cost-effective, efficient treatment with advanced CERAFILTEC ceramic membrane technology. Complete within its 40-foot shipping container to minimize on-site assembly, this MBR system can reduce extremely high-strength sewage streams that are produced by camps, food processing, dairy and even breweries or golf courses, meeting the most stringent environmental standards for water re-use.

The factory-built MBS Wastewater Treatment System comes complete with pretreatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment, and a compact sludge dewatering system for comprehensive wastewater management, making it a highly environmental, convenient, and efficient wastewater treatment solution:

• Minimal use of chemicals and low energy consumption

• The highest effluent quality available for water re-use

• Physical barrier between wastewater and the environment

• Packaged plants have a compact footprint, are self-contained, and easily transported

• Odourless and noiseless operation

For more than 40 years, ACG-Envirocan Inc. has been a touchstone in the industrial and municipal wastewater, stormwater and potable water treatment equipment business. We provide world leading technology, from market leading manufacturers, to our valued customers.