About Us

Founded in 1981, ACG Technology Ltd established itself as a leader in the industrial wastewater treatment field and in 2004 expanded into the municipal market.  In 2011 Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd., a company formed in 1992, was added to the group to expand our product lines.  Together the companies continue to forge solid, long-lasting relationships with both clients and partners. At the heart of these relationships is our commitment to premium quality products and service excellence.


With a wide range of conventional and innovative products, ACG – Envirocan provides municipalities and industries with reliable, cost-effective means to treat  wastewater, water and even stormwater so that it can be used, reused and safely returned to the environment.


Our commitment to clean water drives our business in that we are constantly sourcing, developing and supplying the best equipment, but our commitment to customer service is what keeps our business going year after year.

When a client contacts us with a water treatment problem, we provide a solution based on our 30+ years of knowledge and experience.  We also offer a variety of services, including training, technical support and parts availability, to ensure that the solutions we offer remain optimal for our clients.