InfoSense delivers acoustic technology solutions to innovate and improve wastewater management.

In 2007, a partnership was formed between the Charlotte Water utility and academia to help solve a problem familiar to those working in collections system maintenance – how can utilities understand where blockages are in their extensive underground network of sewer pipes, without wasting time and resources?

The solution was to develop SL-RAT®: a portable tool using sound waves to rapidly assess sewer lines for blockages. Today, SL-RAT® has inspected over 100,000 km (over 62,000 miles) of pipe used by hundreds of utilities worldwide, allowing them to prioritize their much more expensive cleaning assets.

Improving Cleaning Efficiency at City of Eagan

Acoustic Sewer Line Assessment Tool

SL-RAT® Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool
Stop cleaning clean pipes blindly and use the SL-RAT® to focus on the right pipes at the right time.

The SL-RAT utilizes patented acoustic technology to provide real-time blockage assessments in 150 – 300 mm (6” – 12”) gravity lines. Quick, durable and easy-to-use and cost-effective, the SL-RAT makes it possible for you to better allocate your cleaning and CCTV resources.

With the portable SL-RAT, now you can detect blockages quickly and simply – within 3 minutes after setup! – with no confined space entry required. Now you’ll have the ability to assess 3,000 – 6,000 metres (10,000 – 20,000 feet) per day for blockages in collection systems. Rather than flushing sewer lines that are not in need of maintenance, you will save money by allowing you to focus expensive cleaning operations and CCTV inspections on known problem areas


SL-DOG® Sewer Line Data Organizer
SL-DOG provides a convenient method for archiving, validating, visualizing and analyzing the SL-RAT measurement data. The secure cloud-based web portal compliments your acoustic inspections, facilitating collection system maintenance management.

  • Validate inspection data – detect & correct in-field operator errors
  • Visualize & analyze inspection results, enhancing cleaning operations planning
  • Add field notes & augment the measurement data
  • Monitor & track productivity
  • Archive data – improve asset management using historical insight


RATS condition-based maintenance is most often cost-effective since the savings from reducing cleaning are usually greater than the upfront assessment costs. Learn more