Aeration – Coarse Bubble Diffused

Wideband Diffusers

Wide Band DiffusersWide Band systems have many characteristics that set them apart from other types of diffusers. Wide Band diffuser specifications and features include:

  • Stainless Steel Material, 304 or 316L
  • Removable Deflectors
  • Easily Replaceable Fixtures
  • 1.7-2.5% SOTE/m Oxygen Transfer Rates
  • Cast Endcaps

The Wide Band diffuser operates by creating an air reservoir, which allows air to pass freely through it. With help from the deflector plate at the bottom of the system, the diffuser keeps debris and sediment from entering or backing up the device’s functions. Corrosion-resistance and flexibility help this diffuser deliver balanced air distribution to all piping systems.


AFC Cap Diffusers

afc capAFC cap diffusers feature a black acrylic plastic created from an EPDM compound. SSI uses this same plastic in fine bubble disc diffusers because of its demonstrated results. It brings similar benefits to cap diffusers. EPDM materials have a compression molding process that includes a standard cure and low plasticizer content. During manufacture, SSI utilizes modern equipment with individual thermocouples and vacuum technology.

Specifications for the AFC coarse bubble diffuser include:

Connection: 3/4-inch MNPT thread
Design Flow: 3-6 SCFM (7-10 Nm3/hr)
Flow Range: 0-10 SCFM (0-17 Nm3/hr)
Slit Quantity: 10 x 5mm Ø hole

SSI ReliaBall™ Coarse Bubble Diffusers


  • Intelligently designed to prevent clogging by automatically closing and sealing when the air is turned off
  • ReliaBall™ will not be clogged by rags in the tank
  • The SSI ReliaBall™ headloss is approximately 10″ WC / 25 mbar when operated at 4 SCFM / 7 Sm3-hr (Operating Range: 0 to 10 scfm / 0-17 Sm3-hr)
  • Piping system integrity – thicker wall pipe and double anchors for fewer breakages
  • Grommet connection is easy to ship, move, and install on site – it’s affordable, tried and tested over 15 years
  • Comprehensive design service and after sales support – our full drafting department works with you through design and calculation to simulation and installation