Aeration – Fine Bubble Diffused

Disc Diffusers

disc diffusersSSI Fine Bubble Disc diffusers are available in 7-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch and 20-inch diameters.  9-inch diffusers are most used in municipal wastewater applications as they are dimensionally equivalent to the old ceramic stone diffusers.  However, SSI offers other alternative sizes to best match the aeration characteristics to your application.

9 Inch Diffuser

The SSI 9″ Disc Diffuser System combines engineering excellence, superior component quality, and a technically advanced product design. Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations around the world, this advanced system has reliability built into every stage of performance.


Complete product line – creating the system that fits your needs

SSI manufactures 9 inch disc and 9 inch coarse bubble diffusers, and we mount these products on a wide range of piping materials including PVC, CPVC, PP and Stainless Steel. We have the ability to attach 9 inch diffusers to pipe using saddles, grommets, or pre-assembled PODS. We can provide retrievable systems or fixed grids, and systems in kit form or mostly factory assembled. We try to understand and anticipate your needs and fit our recommendations to your situation.

Piping systems integrity – thicker wall pipe and double anchors for fewer breakages

Our piping is 38% thicker and has double rod support stands as standard – two anchors for each support location means twice the resistance to hydraulic and thermal loads. Most often supports fail due to temperature and water velocity. SSI locates two anchors where support is needed most, helping to increase product longevity.

Comprehensive design service and after sales support

SSI provides full design services, including biological and mixing calculations, process simulations and hydraulic studies. We maintain a full drafting department with 3D and animation capabilities, and we can assist with specifications and CAD drawings. Our service and installation crew can hold your hand during the early stages of the project and our worldwide multilingual staff is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.


Patented PTFE Membranes prolong efficiency and reduce whole-life costs

SSI’s patented PTFE membrane barrier properties not only reduce plasticizer extraction, shrinking,
and membrane hardening but also limit dynamic changes that can result from swell, such as creep. Compared with uncoated products that are more susceptible to increases in DWP due to more aggressive fouling and changes in physical properties and weight, the PTFE coated membrane improves consistency of DWP (Headloss) values over the product life. This directly impacts long-term power costs and the ability of the system to distribute air uniformly across the tank floor.

SSI Telemetry – the inside story solves maintenance problems

At the click of a mouse, you will know the DWP of your 9 inch diffuser membranes, airflow rate to those monitored 9 inch diffusers, and air temperature in the submerged piping system. You can sense vibration, pipe roll over, and water in the grid. Automatic moisture purging and automatic acid dosing systems are available. Through multiple cameras, you can see both inside the grids, and surface bubble patterns. Wet probes are also available for DO and WW temperature. Tracking all this data on a user-friendly online dashboard facilitates communication between consultant and client, manufacturer and rep. This smart technology lets you locate problem areas and allocate resources more efficiently. SSI Telemetry is your preventive maintenance hub in the heart of the plant.


Simple to install on site, compact to ship and move. Affordably priced and time tested over 15 years worldwide.


Factory assembled 9 inch diffusers mounted on laterals save contractors up to 30% on assembly time. PODS are a viable solution if you want to tank down for a minimum period if your labor costs are high, or if you have a field labor shortage. For engineers unsure about the skill set of a contractor’s field labor, SSI PODS are worry free with fewer field connections, and most connections created in controlled factory settings by trained personnel and automatic machines.

7-inch Diffuser

SSI’s 7-inch fine bubble disc diffuser is great for maximizing oxygen diffuser density in high-efficiency applications.

Industries all over the world use this bubble disc diffuser, and it meets or exceeds most industry standards for efficiency, life span and overall quality.


SSI Aeration, Inc. can offer a design that is an ideal fit for a company’s specific aeration system. SSI’s 7-inch fine bubble disc diffusers can get mounted on stainless steel pipes, PVC, CPVC or PP pipes. They also connect with saddles, or grommets.



Factory-assembled PODs™ diffusers come pre-mounted on lateral pipes. The assembler then connects the units as specified to create a wastewater aeration system. PODs™ size specifications include:

  • Piping compatibility: Ø 3-inch, Ø 4-inch
  • Retaining nut: Ø 10.7-inch
  • Membrane: Ø 9-inch
  • Hole size on pipe: Ø 0.67-inch
  • Design airflow range: 1.5 to 3.0 SCFM
  • Active surface area: 0.41 feet squared

In addition to a polypropylene retaining nut and base plate, a PODs™ system has membranes that SSI manufactures from one of four materials:

  • EPDM: As SSI’s standard membrane material, EPDM offers reliability and consistency at a reasonable price point. Manufacturers use compression molding that involves vacuum technology and individual thermocouples.
  • PTFE: A PTFE coating can extend the life of an EPDM membrane and increase its effectiveness. PTFE has better fouling resistance, less plasticizer loss and reduced creep.
  • fEPDM™: When solvents can pose a risk to PTFE coatings, fEPDM™ membranes offer the required chemical resistance. The fEPDM™ manufacturing process also protects the membrane’s inner slits.
  • Viton®: Viton® from DuPont has high resistance to most chemicals and foulants. It suits high-intensity applications in which the client doesn’t consider cost an issue.

The versatility and simplicity of PODs™ make them an excellent choice for a variety of applications.


The patent-pending ECD economy line of diffusers from SSI Aeration, Inc. provides an affordable price point for cost-conscious customers. SSI use a single-mold technique with EPDM membranes to create the ECD series. As a result, clients receive a cost-effective product suitable for a variety of applications. When a project lead needs to factor capital cost into their system design, the ECD series can meet many project requirements.

SSI offers ECD diffusers for sale in 7-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch, and 20-inch diameters that feature a 3/4 MNPT connection and compatibility with SSI’s PVC grommet.


Thanks to its advanced membrane materials, SSI Aeration’s fine bubble tube diffuser has outstanding chemical and fouling resistance. This advanced design also provides high oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE). Our product is different from other brands, because of our patented channel-pipe support. SSI Channel Pipe looks like this:

Most tube diffusers are built on round pipe. When the membrane is inflated, the inside of the membrane sticks to the pipe. SSI’s channel pipe provides small air pathways all the way to the end of the diffuser. This creates a uniform bubble pattern across the whole length of the diffuser.

Another advantage of the channel pipe is that it is resistant to folding (flexure) tears along the perforation lines. The membrane fits snugly over the channeled support pipe, so it is nearly impossible to crease.

All of SSI’s tube diffusers also have a step built into the support pipe plastic body, which prevents the membrane from sliding over time.


Each fine bubble tube diffuser for sale has an industry-standard size and shape. They have designs that make them interchangeable with other systems to provide added flexibility. SSI’s tube diffusers find use in brand new installations, repairs and modifications because of their versatile engineering. Fittings are available for mounting to metric or US pipe, and for tight spaces or for ease of installation. The SSI team can create aeration fine bubble tube diffuser specifications that suit the client’s project wherever they work.


SSI fine bubble tube diffusers can have one of the following connector types:

  • Standard connection: Tube diffusers can come with a standard nipple pipe connection for compatibility with existing systems or other parts.
  • Bolted Saddle connection: You can mount SSI tube diffusers with bolt-on saddles onto 3″ and 4″ pipe. This method is often used to retrofit other brands.
  • SSI’s Snappy Saddle™ mount: The Snappy Saddle™ connection makes one-person installation easy for new systems with small labor teams. A special feature of this product is the single orifice on top of the pipe, which is superior to orifices on the two sides of pipe.

These options allow clients to find a connector that fits their project’s needs.


SSI produces fine bubble tube diffusers with various membrane types, diameters and lengths. Tube membrane materials include:

  • PTFE coated EPDM
  • EPDM
  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane

When SSI develops membranes, the manufacturers focus on materials with stellar chemical and fouling resistance.


Tube diffusers from SSI have the same level of efficiency and reliability built-in as the rest of the company’s product lines. Every diffuser has several integral check valves that help aeration piping stay clean. They also have a high-temperature resistance of 212°F (100°C) thanks to a high-temperature ABS body. SSI designs all products, including fine bubble tube diffusers, with performance and durability in mind.


Fine bubble tube diffusers feature SSI’s signature membranes, which experts develop with precision. Manufacturers use compression molding to form the membranes, which also have individual thermocouples for each cavity. These details ensure a high level of quality control and uniformity among products. The molding process also involves a low plasticizer content to reduce shrinkage and hardening. Each membrane has just enough plasticizer to avoid creep.