The Aquarius Quantaer™ fine pore aeration system has been developed by a team of engineers with an unparalleled background of experience in the design, application and operation of wastewater treatment aeration systems.  This experience comes with the knowledge that a high performance diffuser requires an equally well engineered piping system to support it.  Moreover, our unique experience allowed us to improve upon a basic aeration system design that was well proven over the past 20 years.  The Aquarius Quantaer™ aeration system is a culmination of this experience.

Aeration – Fine Bubble Diffused

  • Minimum 2% titanium dioxide used in the PVC to prevent UV degradation
  • Anti-rotational threaded union piping joints
  • Guide supports for expansion and contraction
  • 19% improved average uniformity of air distribution than other diffusers in the marketplace
  • 5% oxygen transfer enhancement over similar diffuser designs