JPS Industries, Inc. is devoted exclusively to the manufacturing and installation of baffle curtains, and hold patents for many of their designs.
With more than 40 years experience in baffle curtains, JPS proudly serves the needs of the most demanding private and governmental clients in the pulp and paper, food processing, chemical, manufacturing and power generation industries, and many others.
JPS Industries, Inc., designs and builds custom baffles for both industrial and municipal applications. Both types use the same materials, and are designed to similar specifications; however, the Industrial Baffle is intended to withstand more the most extreme elements. Either type can be designed with adjustable Flow Windows, to move water from one contained area to another, or to control water flow.

Baffle Walls – Floating

Baffle System Specifications

Material: XR5 nylon scrim, with rip stop every fourth filament
Main Ballast: cast concrete ballast blocks
Auxiliary Ballast: 5/16 inch galvanized chain sewn into baffle hem pocket
Stitching: silicone-treated nylon, lock stitched
Hardware: 304 stainless steel
Tension members: Panel top and bottom, 2-inch nylon web straps, 12,000 lb. tensile strength
Panel sides, 3-inch nylon web straps, 20,000 lb. tensile strength

Municipal Baffle Specifications

Flotation: external, blow-molded HDPE units, bolted on both sides of baffle

Industrial Baffle Specifications

Flotation: external, 25 to 50 foot sections of continuous HDPE pipe
Cross-weave Tension Members: For each panel, internal tension members on 5-foot centers, vertical and horizontal, 2-inch nylon web strap, 12,000 lb. tensile strength