Band Screen – JWC Environmental

Today’s resource recovery facilities demand screens that support a facility’s need to achieve high standards of effluent quality while being reliable and easy to maintain. Ultimately they must protect the treatment process from everything that comes down the channel. The Bandscreen Monster® offers incredibly high capture rates and removes a wide range of debris. This center flow band screen is ideally suited to provide fine screening in wastewater treatment systems.  This center flow screen will capture small particles and hair that can foul Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) and drive unwanted maintenance.

The in-to-out flow pattern of the Bandscreen Monster allows for the wastewater to enter the inside of the screen and then flow out through the perforated screening panels. All solids are retained within the center flow band screen – minimizing the opportunity for solids bypassing the system.  The Bandscreen Monster also feature staple guard perforated UHMW screening panels that limit hair pinning which can lead to blinding of center flow band screens.

Screening from Bandscreen Monster can be processed with JWC Screenings Washer Monster® for significant volume reduction, odor control and separation of fecal material from the waste. The combination of this Monster Screening System provides the best in class fine screening solution.


  • Protect sensitive downstream processes like MBRs from fine debris
  • Reliable design keeps operating costs low and maintenance easy
  • Reduce odor issues with fully enclosed screening system coupled with Screenings Washer Monster


  • Staple Guard perforated UHMW screening panels limit hair pinning that can cause screen blinding
  • Easily replaceable screening panels can individually slide out while screen remains in the channel


  • Screening panels of 2, 3, or 6 mm perforations
  • UHMW perforated screening panels
  • Stainless steel construction including drive chains