Howden is able to supply a wide range of turbo blowers and compressors, and own some of the most recognisable brands in the world.

Our turbo compressors can be supplied either with an integrated or separate gearbox, to suit your needs and application requirements. Around the world, we have assembled a team of turbo machinery experts who are able to engineer a solution using any of our products. The modular approach and flexibility of our products ensure we deliver the ideal system.

We have an unrivalled installbase and a long track record of delivering solutions that are either predesigned or tailor-made, depending on your needs.

Our range of turbo blowers encompasses industrial type blowers used in the power, mining and water industries. We also have turbo compressors that are suited for API specification type applications in the downstream oil and gas industry.

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KA series: Single stage turbocompressor part of the HV-TURBO Range and TURBLEX in the US.​

​The HV-TURBO / TURBLEX KA compressor has an advanced mechanical and aero-dynamical design and cutting edge control system. The air-end and integral gearbox have been developed and evolved based on 30 years of manufacturing experience, creating the most highly efficient air compressor available in the market today.

Each customised KA compressor is uniquely made to fit with a specific plant’s specifications thereby consuming significantly less energy compared to other compressor designs. The high quality compressor components, and the conformance with all technical standards, ensure long-term reliability and minimum maintenance.

Efficiency by design

Each of our carefully designed compressors are customised to site conditions, while consuming minimal required power. The compressors may be controlled by variable inlet guide vanes, variable diffusors, or both. The choice between the various control systems available, is based on the variable flow rate demand, the discharge pressure, and possible ambient conditions.

The KA turbo compressor is also available as the BaseLINE version, which is particularly suited for waste water treatment.