ANDRITZ SEPARATION offers the most comprehensive portfolio of separation equipment and solutions for a broad range of applications in various industries. As one of few suppliers, ANDRITZ SEPARATION also provides thermal treatment systems in addition to mechanical solid/liquid separation equipment. So the best solution for all individual customer requirements can be offered – whether it is related to a mining and minerals plant, a chemical or pharmaceutical production process, or a dewatering system for another industry or local authority.



Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge A

Continuous, flexible, reliable, safe – the solid bowl decanter is used for chemical and industrial separation applications.

The solid bowl decanter is a basic, standard machine to which features can be added for special applications. The solid bowl is ideal for clarification of liquids, thickening of sludges, and separation of solids.

Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge D

ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges are designed for reduced space requirement and power consumption at comparable throughput. In sludge treatment technology, ANDRITZ has revolutionized the drive system for decanter centrifuges – following the double drive with energy re-circulation, the new low power consumption decanter centrifuge is featuring three new technologies:

  • TurboJet weirplates
  • High hydraulic pressure rotor design
  • Direct drive gearbox

Screen Bowl Decanter Centrifuge AS

Screen bowl decanters discharge crystalline solids over the conical section. These are transported along a cylindrical screen section, where the solids are further dewatered – combining the sedimentation and filtration stages in one machine. Where advantageous, the solids can be washed on the screen.

Acting as two machines in one, the screen bowl decanter centrifuge AS combines the clarifying benefits of the solid bowl centrifuge and adds a final dewatering screen section to produce maximum dryness. It is best suited for crystalline or granular solids with free-draining characteristics and unit capacities of up to 100 t/h dry solids.