Drive Source International (DSI) is the world’s leading provider of Eddy Current adjustable speed solutions

Dynamatic® is a brand built upon 80+ years of reliable performance. Drive Source International, Inc. is the corporation that owns the Dynamatic® brand of Eddy Current adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls.

Eddy Current Drives

Your best choice for high performance and reliability

You have a number of choices when it comes to adjustable speed drive technologies: Eddy Current, mechanical, hydraulic, variable frequency (VFDs) and DC. But when the cost of downtime enters the decision making, the field narrows… to Eddy Current. Why? Because no other adjustable speed drive system operates with such simplicity, with so few parts to wear out, and with so little maintenance. Once you pencil in the total cost of downtime for your process — the lost material, the lost labour, the lost output — you’ll see why many system designers and engineers specify high performance Dynamatic® Eddy Current drives.

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