Screen – Duperon FlexRake IQ²

An Intelligent Screening System That Knows What To Do And When To Do It.


Today’s extreme weather conditions, changing populations, and new solids like flushable wipes, have added stress on plant operations. Peaking events are higher and more frequent than they have ever been. When planning, engineers must consider all the known (and account for unknown/changing) debris and flow variables. Design safety factors ensure the headworks can manage the highest possible flow, sometimes resulting in more infrastructure like extra units, bypass channels, oversized equipment, and coarser bar openings to handle these peaking events.

Duperon asked, “What if the headworks could be installed with the finest possible openings for normal flows and the screen itself adapted to peak events?
The answer? An intelligent screening system that knows what to do and when to do it.


FlexRake IQ2 is a screening system that allows fine screening during normal conditions, then automatically transitions to a wider opening during peak conditions. The FlexRake IQ2 has all the enhanced raking features of the FlexRake IQ with the Smart Bar Screen™ upgrade for additional hydraulic capacity when it’s needed most.

Like the FlexRake IQ, the FlexRake IQ2 significantly improves solids handling by sensing conditions and speeding up to accommodate changing debris and flow. The reconfigured geometry of design allows for lowest possible engagement to better handle settled solids. Re-engineered scrapers are stronger and remove up to 4x more debris. The re-imagined FlexLink still manages large debris without jamming and now re-engages into the bar screen faster. For optimum performance under all conditions, the next-level FlexRake IQ2 intuitively transforms the bar screen to accommodate increased flow capacity…without operator intervention.

The FlexRake IQ2 provides additional resilience with TWO SCREENS IN ONE for the safety factor of a coarse screen combined with the debris capture of a fine screen… intuitively & automatically

  • Screen at the finest bar opening during normal plant operations.
  • Manage hydraulic and solids surges by adapting bar opening as flows demand more capacity
  • Return to finest screen openings all without operator interface

The FlexRake IQ2: physically and operationally adapts for maximum resiliency over the broadest range of conditions.