Flow.Watch Street Level Sensing

Temperature-focused street level analysis enables the detection and accurate localization of leaks or other flow anomalies in the distribution network, without dependence on leak noise transmission. Flow.Watch is a unique solution that combines advanced temperature analysis with versatile telemetry technology to create an economical method to monitor the flow through a water mains network.

Flow.Watch continually searches for leaks in the network, helping to reduce the time from break-out to location, saving money and water.

Flow.Watch continually analyses for leakage and/or changes to flow events such as valve operation. Capable of detecting almost any, flow through a network main, it is equally effective on metallic and plastic pipe networks, making it complementary to acoustic logging. With automated alarms for sudden changes in flow rate, Flow.Watch offers remote viewing via server hosted software in both rural tree and branched networks, and compact interconnected networks.