Flowmeter – Open Channel

Non-Contact Radar Flow Meter for Rivers

The PHOENIX is the new non-contact RADAR area/velocity flow meter specially designed for rivers or large irrigation channels. Elaborated opening angle of 32° allows the radar to see a full spectrum of velocities over the river or channel width.


The PHOENIX provides highly accurate flow measurements under a wide range of flow and site conditions.


The PHOENIX is featured with the well-known auto-diagnostic system introduced by Flow-Tronic on the RAVEN-EYE. Internal sensors monitor and report the condition or “health” of the measuring system.


Flow Measurement Method

  • Conversion from surface velocity measurement to average velocity based on profiler measurement (For rivers: ADCP or current meter).
  • Possibility to base conversion on models.
  • Conversion of water level and profile size to fluid area.
  • Multiplication of fluid area by average velocity to obtain the flow rate.


The PHOENIX is a universal non-contact level/velocity flow sensor that can be connected to the RTQ flow logger series or the IFQ MONITORTM. Optionally it can also be connected to any device using the Modbus ASCII communication protocol.


  • Accurate flow measurement
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-contact: the sensor is positioned above the water surface
  • Easy installation
  • Robust IP68 (PU) enclosure
  • Auto-diagnostic system
  • No maintenance
  • Easy integration with SCADA, PLC or telemetry systems


  • River, canals, streams monitoring
  • Water management
  • Flood prevention
  • Irrigation channels flow monitoring
  • Hydropower plants
  • Rain basin modeling
  • Large wastewater channels
  • Drains