With over 100 years of experience, Enduro Composites is a leading manufacturer of fibreglass products for water & wastewater treatment. The Enduro line includes: fibreglass tank covers and fibreglass baffle walls.

FRP Tank Cover: Tuff Span


Constructed with Tuff Span FRP building panels and FRP structural components, Tuff Span tank covers provide versatile configurations including low-profile, roof-type covers or raised, building-type covers.

The Tuff Span low-profile covers are installed over storage and process tanks for UV screens and debris protection. Tuff Span raised covers and enclosures can provide walk-in access to processes.

Applications for the Tuff Span Tank Cover include UV Screens, Sludge Dryer Beds, Water Storage, Chlorine Contact Basins, Filtrate Storage Tanks, and Chemical Process Tanks. Tuff Span cover components include Tuff Span FRP building panels, FRP beams, access hatches and stainless steel hardware.

Walk-in Access Option
For maximum process viewing, Tuff Span walk-in covers offer an ideal solution.

Translucent or Opaque Cover Panels
Tuff Span Cover panels can be furnished in opaque color or translucent, which transmit natural lighting and can reduce energy bills.

Easy to Install
Enduro’s complete solution includes delivering pre-cut structural members and finished panel lengths for easy installation.

Custom Design & Specifications
WIth our full line of Tuff Span FRP structural building panels and shapes, the Enduro engineering and design team can assist with develpoing customized solutions for a broad range of conditions.

Please contact us for assistance with developing a tank cover or enclosure design and specification for your application and requirements.

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Low Profile
  • High Strength
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Lightweight
  • Customized System