With over 100 years of experience, Enduro Composites is a leading manufacturer of fibreglass products for water & wastewater treatment. The Enduro line includes: fibreglass tank covers and fibreglass baffle walls.

Designed with the needs of plant operators and installing contractors in mind, the features and benefits of the XL6 tank cover system are numerous and include effective odor control, easy-to-remove sections, long-span deck panels offering foot traffic safety, plus low provile advantage. The XL6 flexible design is suitable for large rectangular or round basins and can be top-mounted on or flush with tank walls.

FRP Tank Cover: XL6

Configurations available for the XL6 tank cover:

Best Odor Control
XL6 cover systems are effectively sealed with gaskets loated at all ourer edges, panel side laps and access hatches.

Complete Removability & Accessibility
Able to be handled by two workers without lifting equipment, each XL6 male panel can be removed individually after removing only four nuts, and each XL6 female panel can be freely lifted after removing its two adjacent male panels. In addition, XL6 access hatches are self-contained within one panel, allowing panel removal without affecting ajacent panels.

Long Span Capability
The XL6 system clears spans up to 20′. For loger span requirements, FRP beams and columns or steel truss members are utilized to support XL6 deck panels.

Easy, Low-cost Installation
Factory-fabricated deck panels are simply laid in place and require only half of the cover panels to be fastened to supports.

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Non-skid Surface
  • High Strength
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Customized System