Cutting Edge Lagoon Solutions

Triplepoint Environmental specializes in Wastewater Lagoon Aeration, Lagoon Ammonia Removal, and Lagoon Treatment Enhancement. With their professional experience and expertise, Triplepoint has developed industry-leading wastewater lagoon technologies.

Lagoon – NitrOx Ammonia Removal

NitrOx Lagoon Ammonia Removal

NitrOx Lagoon Ammonia Removal
Triplepoint Environmental’s patent-pending NitrOx Process is specifically designed to work within existing infrastructure to cost-effectively remove ammonia from lagoon effluent. It is a proven, time-tested solution to remove lagoon ammonia that can be installed at 2/3 the cost of existing nitrification options, while also as low maintenance as a lagoon.
Ammonia removal through nitrification will reliably occur with the proper conditions. The purpose of the NitrOx Process is to control and optimize each of these conditions, fostering an ideal habitat for a specific set of bacteria called nitrifiers and super-concentrating them into a small, cost-effective, and highly efficient reactor.

MARS Aeration

MARS Aeration 1MARS Aeration 2
Triplepoint Environmental’s proven aeration system can achieve world-class performance in municipal and industrial wastewater lagoons. By providing efficient aeration and mixing in one portable aerator, Triplepoint is able to improve aeration while simultaneously reducing maintenance and operation costs.
The Triplepoint MARS aeration product line is designed for versatility and portability, making it ideal for a brand new wastewater facility, as well as retrofits, and emergency aeration scenarios with a full suite of technology solutions, featuring:

  • The MARS Lagoon Aeration System unique aeration technology, designed to provide mixing and aeration to virtually any wastewater lagoon in one portable aerator.
  • The MARS’ Patented Double Bubble Aeration, specifically designed to achieve thorough aeration (as defined by the EPA) in a variety of wastewater environments.
  • Unique features of the MARS Wastewater Lagoon Aeration System, engineered to ensure efficient and reliable wastewater treatment, operation, and maintenance.