Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. is a private company servicing its customers around the world with performance-proven, quality products and systems that are adaptable to the changing demands of the water and wastewater treatment industry. Our markets range from small to medium sized municipalities to large metro areas around the world, including both domestic and industrial waste streams.

Mixers – Floating – AquaDDM®

Direct Drive Mixer

The AquaDDM® Mixer provides maximum wastewater mixing efficiency. When mixing requirements are the controlling factor, the AquaDDM® mixer can reduce power costs, while delivering 3-4 times the mixing of any aerator of the same size. The ducted impeller improves pumping efficiency. The integrated flow vanes and lower input torque eliminate the need for tank baffles.


Motor options:

–  Explosion proof

–  High-efficiency

–  Endura® Series


Flexibility in materials of construction


Heavy duty bearings and seals


Anti-fouling impeller


Horsepower: 3 to 75


Simple physical construction makes handling easy


Lower initial cost, and less expensive to install and maintain than gear reduced (slow speed) units


Better and more reliable service than submerged directional mixers


One-piece stainless steel shaft. No couplings, no submerged bearings


Suitable for most basin configurations


Anti-erosion plate available for use in earthen basins, or basins with synthetic liners


Directional flow option available


Anoxic Systems


Back Mixing










Directional Mixing


Blending Combined Streams


Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs)