ECS sets itself apart from other odour control companies by providing all the technologies for odour control and choosing the proper system for the specific application. ECS is also unique in that they have in-house capability to manufacture almost every major component that goes into our systems. ECS has over ten years of experience in the design and manufacturing of odour control systems with installations all over North America. They develop, design and manufacture equipment for the treatment of odourous compounds in air-streams.

Odour Control – Biofilters

Biological Solutions

ECS offers a comprehensive line of high-efficiency biofiltration products to eliminate odours and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Bio-Pure was developed in 2005 as a permanent media replacement for conventional wood chip media which degrades and compacts over time.   BioPure is a high performance media comprised of a porous base with a special coating to propagate biological activity.   Its base structure is resistant to acids, bases and solvents.
Dual-Stage Biological Solutions
ECS offers a range of dual stage biological solutions to deal with complex odour problems.  Our Duo-H2S is a two stage system which incorporates ECS Biotrickling filter technology and our BioPure media solution.   This is a way to reduce EBRT in the biofilter (shrink the overall system cost and size) when extremely high H2S levels accompany complex organics.   In applications where high levels of ammonia are present, an acid scrubber can be incorporated in the first stage of the duo.