ECS sets itself apart from other odour control companies by providing all the technologies for odour control and choosing the proper system for the specific application. ECS is also unique in that they have in-house capability to manufacture almost every major component that goes into our systems. ECS has over ten years of experience in the design and manufacturing of odour control systems with installations all over North America. They develop, design and manufacture equipment for the treatment of odourous compounds in air-streams.

Odour Control – Carbon Adsorbers

ECS activated carbon systems

  • Economical treatment of H2S and other compounds at low to moderate concentrations
  • Economical treatment of up to 25 PPM H2S with the use of special water-regenerable carbon
  • Immediate treatment and suitable for interment use / odour
  • Ability to treat up to 35,000 CFM in a single 12′ diameter vessel using radial technology
  • Standard bed velocities do not exceed 60 f/m which reduces pressure drop and offers better bed utilization.
  • V1 and V2 systems are designed with 3′ bed depths, radial flows are designed with a minimum of 2.5 seconds contact time.   This extends the time between media change-outs.

System Overview

  • Manhole Inserts 
    Plastic insert with media canister that fits into manholes to treat escaping odours
  • Vent solutions
    Small plastic unit that attaches to vent connections, treats up to 15 CFM
  • V1 single bed systems 
    Flow rates from 25 to 9000 CFM
  • V2 dual bed component systems 
    Flow rates from 6000 to 18000 CFM
  • VX radial flow systems 
    Flow rates from 3000 to 35000 CFM with reduced footprint
  • H-Series component and factory packaged systems 
    Flow rates from 100 to 35000 CFM