CS sets itself apart from other odour control companies by providing all the technologies for odour control and choosing the proper system for the specific application. ECS is also unique in that they have in-house capability to manufacture almost every major component that goes into our systems. ECS has over ten years of experience in the design and manufacturing of odour control systems with installations all over North America. They develop, design and manufacture equipment for the treatment of odourous compounds in air-streams.

Odour Control – Chemical Scrubbers

Chemical Scrubbers

The ECS Environmental Solutions X-Pac scrubber line is designed for applications requiring the removal of various types of contaminants from gas streams. Typical applications include odourous fumes from water/sewage treatment and compost facilities. ECS scrubber vessels are manufactured from high-grade FRP.  In addition to ECS’s standard pre-packaged scrubber systems, units can be individually designed and engineered to suit a specific application or space constraint.

The ECS X-Pac multi-stage low profile scrubber is a skid mounted and designed for applications with airflows ranging from 1,000-42,000 CFM. The unit is fabricated from corrosion resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP).   Depending on contaminates and odor levels the low profile scrubber can consist of up to three stage counter-current packed bed sections.  The low profile X-Pac’s air transfer system is designed for minimal pressure drop and excellent air distribution through the packing bed

The ECS X-Pac standard vertical tower can be designed to handle flow to 75,000 cfm and above.  Tower diameter and height is based on flow rate and treatment objectives.   ECS vertical tower systems are factory assembled, then broken down into individual components to be re-assembled in the field.