ACG Technology’s signature equipment includes package treatment systems, coalescing oil/water separators (coalescers) and physical/chemical industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Oil / Water Separator

ACG Technology Coalescer Oil / Water Separator 

Excellent at removing free oil from water, cleaning solutions and coolants, ACG Technology coalescers may also be part of a treatment train, allowing wastewater to be disposed of in sanitary sewers thereby reducing expensive haulage and disposal costs.

• Models range from 3.79 to 284 litres per minute (1 to 75 U.S. gpm) flow – systems can be designed to accommodate larger flows

• Applications include coolants, cleaners, groundwater, floor drains and waste treatment

• Extends bath life

• Quick payback

• Low maintenance

• Removes solids

• Reduces disposal costs

System includes:

• Air diaphragm pump

• Adjustable oil skimmer

• Adjustable flow control