Hydreka is a manufacturer of flowmeters and dataloggers for closed pipe or open channels used in water and wastewater applications. Innovation, simplicity and customer service are at the centre of the company’s approach.

Open-Channel Flowmeter

Mainstream IV Portable Open Channel Flowmeter 

Area-Velocity open-channel flowmeter for water and wastewater.

• Submerged sensor – measures velocity by ultrasonic Doppler and depth by pressure transducer

• Bi-directional flow measurement for forward and reverse velocities from 10 mm/s up to 5 m/s

• Expandable sensor mounting bands for 150 – 1500 mm pipes or larger

• Rechargeable battery powered – lasting up to 6 months

• Data recorder can record up to 250,000 values which can be processed with Winfluid software

• Military-type connectors

• Waterproof case with local LCD display of flow and parameters

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