ACG-Envirocan’s signature equipment includes package treatment systems, coalescing oil/water separators (coalescers) and physical/chemical industrial wastewater treatment systems.


Package Wastewater Treatment Plant – ACG Tech

QX Package Wastewater Treatment Plant

The QX container-style extended aeration (CSEA) treatment system consistently provides dependable, high quality effluent treatment and ease of operation and maintenance within a small amount of space.

• Maintains sufficient oxygen, mixing and detention time to allow micro-organisms to decompose treatable wastewater into harmless carbon dioxide, water and ash

• Ideal for installation as communal systems for residential/ commercial/industrial developments located beyond municipal sewer service or remote construction/mining/ exploration camps

• Flexibility of adding future parallel units to meets the needs of growing sewage loads, or for removal, reuse, or resale of units as municipal sewer facilities are extended

• Includes screening, aeration, clarification, filtration (if necessary) and disinfection

• Non-clog reversing comminutor

• Self-cleaning froth control nozzles

• Non-clog aeration diffusers

• Individually designed for each site

• Compact footprint

• No concrete work required – easy to erect

• Approximately 1 week to assemble

• Treated effluent 30 days after assembly