Rapid Assessment Technology Services (RATS) Inc.

Moving from Time-Based to Condition-Based Cleaning Saves Significant Time and Money.

Whole-network CCTV sewer line assessment is very costly and is a slow process. Rapid Assessment Technology Services (RATS Inc.) has redefined the assessment process by providing municipalities with comprehensive acoustic network condition data in a fraction of the time and cost required by the old, costly CCTV methods.

The patented acoustic technology provides real-time blockage assessments and records the condition of approximately 3,000 Meters of 150-450 mm gravity sewer lines per day. Using the most commonly used mapping and database platforms, Municipalities receive a whole-network map and condition report pinpointing the areas which require the more expensive and resource intensive CCTV and repair crews only where needed – usually less than 25% of the entire network!

When it comes to sewers, smart municipalities make smarter, data-driven decisions! Municipalities now can focus their high-cost resources only on the small percentage of the network that represents a potential service disruption or hazard to the community.

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The System features a modular design and offers a 100:1 turndown ratio for efficient and silent operation. Each system is configurable in 15 ppd (pounds per day) increments from 15 to 540 ppd.

Each QuadBlock® Ozone Cell is an independent ozone generator with its own dedicated microprocessor-based control board, high frequency switching power supply and ceramic dielectrics. Each completely sealed Quadblock cell can handle the most rugged environments, is practically silent and effectively requires no cleaning or maintenance.