Screen (Drum) – Lakeside Raptor® Rotating Drum Screen

The Lakeside Raptor® Rotating Drum Screen (RDS) consistently exceeds standards, impressing operators worldwide. Not only does the RDS remove solids, it also washes and dewaters captured screenings. Along with a simple design and operation process, this screen has a high removal efficiency and low disposal costs.

Wastewater from the influent channel flows directly into the screening basket.  Fabricated with either wedge-shaped screen bars or a perforated plate, the screening basket retains fine solids without clogging. Installed at the front of the screening basket, a seal assembly plate prevents unscreened wastewater from bypassing the screen.

When the wastewater rises to a predetermined level, the screening basket rotates and lifts the screened material out of the influent flow stream. As the material reaches the top of the screening basket, with the help of gravity, it drops into the central screw conveyor/compactor. Material still in the screening basket is removed by a spray wash system. This system also flushes organic materials back into the influent channel.  The central screw conveyor/compactor transports screened material to the discharge chute and storage container. During transport, the solids are compacted and dewatered up to a 40 percent dry solids content.