SpillGuard Level Alarm

HWM SpillGuard is a low-cost & intrinsically safe multi alarm solution designed to act as an early warning for blockages and sewer overflows.

It has 3 components:

  • IS Log Data Logger
  • SpillSens Multi Alarm Digital Float Sensor
  • SpillGuard Dedicated Online Portal

SpillSens is a low-cost, multi-alarm digital float sensor designed to act as an early warning system for blockages and sewer overflows.

  • ATEX-approved and built to withstand harsh sewer environments, SpillSens uses digital positioning technology to monitor rising levels in the wastewater network. Connected to an advanced data logger with integral telemetry, alert messages are transmitted to a dedicated user portal.
  • SpillSens is a simple to install, robust and cost-effective solution for long-term level monitoring in wastewater networks.

Three levels of alert: green, amber and red; based on the angle of the sensor:
Green – vertical orientation, network operating as expected
Amber – movement in orientation, high alert triggered
Red – sensor movement >110o, high/high alert triggered
Intrinsically safe: certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas
No moving components: designed to have no moving parts, unlike traditional steel ball and micro-switch state sensors
Robust design: durable materials not adversely affected by long-term exposure to waste water environments 

When installed at a critical height in the chamber, SpillSens uses digital positioning technology to determine whether it is hanging vertically in mid-air or floating in wastewater. As network levels alter, the tilt angle of the sensor is continuously monitored and if the tilt angle enters a pre-set range alert messages are transmitted to the bespoke SpillGuard portal. SpillSens can be connected to, and is powered by, a variety of HWM data loggers. For an intrinsically safe, robust and cost-effective solution we recommend IS Log.
IS Log transmits data through an integral modem with advanced cellular options available. IS Log is also supplied with an external antenna connection that enables the use of a range of specialist antennas to ensure reliable communication on installations with low signal levels.
Cable length options: available with 0.5m, 1m, 2m or 3m
Compatibility: works in conjunction with IS Log and various other HWM data loggers
Online data viewing: via SpillGuard; providing Map View and a variety of valuable features