StormwateRx LLC designs, manufactures, installs and maintains stormwater filtration and treatment systems for industry. StormwateRx best management practices (BMPs) assure a livable environment by cleaning stormwater runoff and protecting our waterways and water resources.

StormwateRx systems are designed specifically to help operating industrial sites comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Industrial and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Stormwater Permit requirements. These effective and affordable stormwater control systems can be retrofitted into existing industrial sites and can be designed to provide for industrial stormwater reuse and pretreatment to infiltration.


StormwateRx CLARA® is a set of separation and filtration technologies that remove oil, grit, trash and sediment from industrial stormwater. CLARA can serve as standalone treatment or as part of a treatment train. StormwateRx offers three approaches to sediment removal – a settling system for low-flow, large particle-size stormwater conditions, a filtration system for high-flow, high sediment-loading, and a modular high flow-rate separator.
CLARA® Separator – a patented oil-grit-trash-water gravity separator for industrial stormwater treatment. This below-ground, standalone system is a high capacity oil water separator specifically designed for the fluctuating flow rates inherent to stormwater. With the built-in internal high flow bypass, pollutants are trapped in this below-ground structure even during peak runoff events.

  • Traps pollutants within the system
  • Removes floatable materials, oil and dirt
  • HS20 load rated, higher loading capacities available
  • Sediment storage capacity of up to 10 cu. yds.
  • Available with integrated pump package for downstream treatment
  • Optional oil coalescing media packs for enhanced oil removal


CLARA® Filter – a patent pending passive media filter that can serve as standalone treatment or as a pretreatment BMP for sites with high particulate (TSS) loading. Clara Filter is specifically designed for filtration of runoff from site with erosion, or sites where the stormwater quality is close to benchmarks/numeric action levels.

  • Removes free oil, trash, suspended solids, metals and other pollutants from stormwater runoff.
  • HS20 load rated, higher loading capacities available.
  • System is housed in a concrete structure with access through manhole or hatch openings.
  • Extends maintenance interval of downstream treatment BMPs.
  • Typical suspended solids (TSS) reduction is greater than 70%, with demonstrated reduction up to 90%.


StormwateRx AQUIP– a patented media filtration system for enhanced industrial stormwater treatment. Aquip is available in several performance levels, each specifically designed for the removal of stormwater pollutants such as suspended solids, turbidity, heavy metals (including dissolved metals), organics (e.g. BOD, volatile hydrocarbons, PCBs, PAHs), and nutrients (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus). Targeted metals include copper, zinc, iron, lead, aluminum, nickel, cadmium. Aquip is typically installed above ground with a single pump station in a simple, easy-to-use configuration.

  • Removes particulates and dissolved pollutants
  • Uses passive filtration, no chemicals, no backwash
  • Open top for easy access and operation
  • Operates unattended, 24/7
  • Gravity flow-through system, no moving parts
  • Simple and safe effluent sampling
  • Available structures include steel, concrete and plastic

StormwateRx PURUS® – a collection of industrial stormwater treatment technologies that provides the most advanced level of treatment for the most challenging conditions. Purus removes dissolved metals, bacteria, nitrate and toxic substances. With its high level of stormwater pollutant removal possible, the Purus system is ideal for industries where higher concentrations of specific pollutants are unavoidable or where more stringent or watershed-specific water quality standards apply.

Purus requires relatively clear inlet water with a TSS concentration of less than 20 mg/L. To achieve this level of clarity, Purus systems are most often used downstream of AQUIP® filtration or another high-performing particulate-reduction technology.

  • Flow matched to upstream treatment rates
  • Slip-stream treatment configuration available
  • Freeze protection available
  • Targets individual site-specific parameters
  • Removes trace pollutants in hard to treat applications


StormwateRx ZINC-B-GONE® – a patent pending downspout sorptive media filtration system that removes dissolved metals such as zinc, copper, and lead from roof runoff. Its simple configuration can be used in various applications including industrial stormwater roof runoff, cooling tower blow down, mining operations runoff and galvanized application runoff. Zinc-B-Gone is typically installed above ground in-line with a rooftop downspout, and comes scalable up to 1200 gpm for rooftops 0.5 acres and up.

  • Removes dissolved zinc, copper and lead
  • Super-duty tank for many years of service
  • Ideal for TSS
  • Uses passive filtration, no chemicals, no backwash
  • Open top for easy access and operation
  • Operates unattended, 24/7
  • Gravity flow-through system, no moving parts

StormwateRx FRONTLINETM Drain Inlet Filters – a patented, first line of defense against industrial pollutants in stormwater runoff. Available as a catch basin insert (CBI) or a trench drain insert (TDI), Frontline provides the best combination of performance and flow of any drain inlet insert on the market. Frontline is top-rated for the removal of debris; heavy metals such as zinc, copper & lead; TSS, oil & grease (hydrocarbons). Its flexible design fits under the existing storm grate in a drop inlet or trench drain configuration. Frontline is easy to install and maintain with off-the-shelf, replacement filtration bags.

  • Industrial duty and performance
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable frame
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optional sampling port
  • Variable depth for a wide variety of catch basins