RPS Engineering offers a full line of cover solutions for the water and waste water treatment process. By utilizing both Aluminum and Fiberglass materials, we are able to meet the full spectrum of project requirements from geodesic domes to weirs and baffles. Click on any of the pictures below for more details and specs.

Tank Covers

Aluminum Domes

Our geodesic aluminum domes are efficient and durable with a full range of options and accessories.

Launder & Channel Covers

RPS Launder covers are ideal for odor and algae control, while our flat panel covers provide durable coverage and protection.

Fiberglass Domes

Our fiberglass domes can be cost effective options for covering larger and smaller areas as needed.

Flat Tank Covers

RPS flat tank covers are ideal for providing coverage of tanks where process equipment is above the tank and/or a low profile is necessary.