Duperon was established in 1985 as a manufacturer of pumps, expanding its product line to include the patented Self-Cleaning Trashrack (1979) and the FlexRake (1995). In subsequent years, complementary product lines such as controls, conveyors, and compactors were developed in response to customer needs. Duperon Corporation continues to pride itself on the simple mechanical design of each product, as well as the solutions developed individually for customers.

Today, Duperon Corporation is a leader in primary liquid/solids separation technology, with installations around the globe and an ever expanding range of products that are simply amazing, yet amazingly simple.

Trashrack, Self Cleaning

Duperon®        Self-Cleaning Trashrack

Removes virtually all debris up to 3,000 lbs. – from large logs, car transmissions and washing machines to leaves, aquatic vegetation, soda cans and bottle caps – even in high velocity conditions under harsh conditions! The Self-Cleaning Trashrack automatically cleans debris across the entire width of screen. Front-cleaning, rear-return design maximizes efficiency while providing uninterrupted water flow, maximizing the output and efficiency of pumps and turbines.

• Eliminates underwater maintenance: no sprockets/bearings below the water’s surface

• Automatic overload protection and enclosed drive systems protect from the most severe weather conditions; sealed bearings and weather-resistant coatings resist everyday hazards

• Can be modified to fit existing inlets or incorporated into new designs

• Operates manually, in timed sequences, or by head differential; optional auto operation available for remote locations

• Ships fully assembled where site allows; may ship for on-site assembly if site dimensions are restrictive

• Electric Drive: 1 HP (to 1.5 HP), 3/60/575 volt integral gear motor; 1800 RPM; 2.16 RPM output; FLA: 2.4; Gear ratio: 809:1

• Construction Materials: A36 Steel with DC Coating

• Bar Spacing: 2” at bars; 3” at chain path

• Bar Dimensions: 0.38” x 4”

• Screen Angle: 30 degrees

• Design Head Loss: 2 ft.

• Lifting Capacity: 3,000 lbs.

• Car/Lifting Finger Spacing: every 10 ft. (maximum); speed of 7 ft. /minute; specialty configurations available to meet debris conditions and discharge capacities

• Coating: moisture-cured urethane coal tar epoxy system; alternative: hot dip galvanize