A division of Delco Automation Inc., Delco Water is a premier water treatment solution provider and equipment integrator. When it comes to water treatment, we understand that each community has unique water quality concerns that require tailored treatment solutions. For over twenty years, Delco has been providing communities with designs completely customized to meet the specific needs of the client. Delco’s customized approach has allowed us to design, manufacture, commission and service water and wastewater treatment equipment throughout North America.  We offer a full suite of services to design, build, maintain, and upgrade water and wastewater treatment systems for clients of all sizes. Our offerings include water treatment technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Biological Filtration, and Media Filtration. In addition, we offer wastewater treatment solutions like MBR and MBBR, as well as automation and equipment integration for each system. Delco Water’s field service team is available 24/7 for ongoing support and maintenance. Our goal is to be available throughout the lifetime of each system we build – from beginning to end.


Ultrafiltration is ideal for removing substances such as bacteria, viruses, suspended solids, colloids and pathogens. Using polymeric hollow fibers with nominal pore diameters typically ranging from 0.01-0.05 microns; allowing absolute removal of targeted suspended particles and microorganisms. Delco Water often utilizes ultrafiltration specifically to reduce turbidity and achieve desired log removal credits for Cryptosporidium and Giardia.